The provided mounting hardware is intended to be used for drywall or stud mounting. Most modern houses use ½ inch thick drywall or 2x4 inch wood studs within the wall. The Hitch is perfect for such walls. 

If you have an alternative wall material, please read the following suggestions. 

We highly recommend only mounting to smooth surfaces, any non smooth surfaces will place a non uniform load on the product.

Review specific mounting hardware needed if mounting to surfaces such as brick or concrete. Our provided hardware will only work for drywall and wood surfaces.  

The Hitch is intended to be mounted indoors only, but nothing is stopping you from mounting outdoors if you desire. Be aware our warranty will not cover any damage caused by mother nature.

Everything is easier with power tools but not required. We provide drilless mounting hardware to allow you to mount without power tools if needed. The provided 6” phillips bit is intended to be used with an impact driver but can be set aside if you have an equally long screwdriver.

Please follow the installation instructions provided with the Mobile Workspace or follow the “instructions Page”(PDF of the IOM). There is detailed information here to make sure you have the correct installation.

Product Usage

The Mobile Workspace has a maximum load weight of 50 lbs when mated with the hitch. Please do not attempt to exceed this weight. This weight rating will be far more than enough to hold all your essential working tools.

The Work Surface is intended for mobile use and can travel anywhere you go. We highly recommend you take it outside and work. However, please be aware of the weather conditions for the Work Surface is water resistant but not waterproof. Our warranty will not cover damage caused by mother nature.

The Work Surface is water resistant but not waterproof. Feel free to clean the surface with soap and water.

Yes! Feel free to use the surface for any food prep or staging that you would like to. Flexibility is our vision and using the Work Surface for other activities outside of work is essential.

We have built the hitch with specific mounting to our Work Surface. This does not mean you can not get crafty and use for other applications but please follow our general guidelines to not void warranty.

Mount a Hitch here, there, or anywhere. Picture this, you mount a hitch in your kitchen and in another room (say a bedroom). You are currently working in the kitchen but the kitchen gets very loud with someone making lunch, simply remove the workspace and transition to the hitch in your bedroom. 

Multiple Hitches provide flexibility in your day and how/where you work. It is not required to have multiple Hitches.

Orders and Returns

You can find our warranty and returns policy at the link below: